AUN Group

The AUN Group, as a global marketing company, offers total marketing strategy support in multiple languages including English, Chinese, and Japanese. AUN proposes creative, free-thinking solutions based upon client requirements, and provides robust support for executing strategic solutions.

AUN CONSULTING, Inc. is a Japan-based information technology (IT) company mainly engaged in the provision of search engine marketing (SEM)-related to consulting services. The Company operates through two business segments.

SEM Service
AUN conducts effective SEM (Search Engine Marketing) for Web promotional activities. Practical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay per Click) or P4P (Pay for Performance search-related advertising) enable AUN to offer more effective promotions for its clients' Web marketing activities. Given the dizzyingly rapid changes in today's business environment, how can businesses create connections with vast numbers of clients? Fully utilizing the know-how cultivated as a leading SEM company, AUN is able to offer services in response to a diverse range of client needs.

Creative Service
AUN offers a broad range of promotions support, ranging from creation of Web material and traditional print media in multiple languages such as English and Chinese through to the sales promotion, event, and PR fields. AUN’s multi-creative system – supporting multiple media and multiple languages – offers total solutions through a concentration of creative resources cultivated over diverse fields. With the rapid, flexible strategic planning and development that only a one-stop service can offer, AUN endeavors to maximize its clients’ overseas promotions and support their approaches to overseas business.

Media Service (Visit First)
"" ( is an AUN's media containing each country's tourism information such as accommodations, restaurants and attractions by multi languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean). Now we have Japan version, Thailand version, Shanghai version, Hong Kong version, Taiwan version and Korea version.

Language Translation Service
TEKIYAKU is AUN's translation service offering 64-language translation, for example Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. From normal document until the translations which need special knowledge and experience, TEKIYAKU can support you over 100 fields of industry with the high quality service.

ATL services

AUN Consulting own 6 affiliated branches which are located both within Japan and Overseas. All of those branches help the headquarters on supporting the information and research assignments including processing and managing SEM related reports.

AUN Consulting, Inc. (AUN)

Company Name: AUN Consulting, Inc.

Location:  Tokyo Head Office : Glass City Koraku, 2F, 1-1-7 Koraku,
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Okinawa Branch:4th Floor, JB NAHA Building,
2-4-14 Kume, Naha-shi, Okinawa,
Japan 900-0033

Established: June 1998


AUN Taiwan Marketing,Inc. (ATW)

Company Name: AUN Taiwan Marketing,Inc.

Location:  2F., No.190, Songjiang Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Established: June 2010


AUN Hong Kong Marketing Co.,Ltd. (AHK)

Company Name: AUN Hong Kong Marketing Co.,Ltd.

Location:  The Good Lab, L1, The Sparkle, 500 Tung Chau Street, Kowloon,
Hong Kong

Established: September 2010


AUN Thai Laboratories Co., Ltd (ATH)

Company Name: AUN Thai Laboratories Co., Ltd

Location:  Thaniya Building, Suite no. 1105, 11th Floor No. 62,
Silom Road,Suriyawongse, Bangrak,Bangkok 10500

Established: April 2008


AUN Global Marketing Pte.Ltd. (ASG)

Company Name: AUN Global Marketing Pte.Ltd.

Location:  105 Cecil Street, #11-00, The Octagon, Singapore 069534

Established: November 2010