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About Us

AUN Thai Laboratories Co., Ltd. is an affiliated company of AUN Consulting, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan). The headquarter was founded in 1998. Up to now, it provides global marketing services specializing in Search Engine Marketing, called SEM. Search Engine Marketing is a branch of Internet Marketing that aims to promote websites by increasing their visibilities in search engine, such as Yahoo and Google. In other words, SEM helps promoting your website in a better position on the Search Engine Result Pages by using keywords that are related to the business. AUN Thai Laboratories Co.,Ltd. | Front office

Nowadays the headquarter has been listed on Tokyo's stock exchange markets since 2005, and has affiliates in both Japan (Okinawa Branch) as well as Bangkok Branch in Thailand.
In addition, AUN group has acquired the shares in website creation company and translation company. Now, they have become parts of AUN Global Marketing, Inc.

AUN Thai Laboratories Co., Ltd. was founded in April, 2008.
Now, we are supporting the Headquarters’ and Okinawa branch’s assignments. Our job is to process and manage SEM-related reports. Our company is a newly established company in Thailand. We are planning to expand our business and take part as a SEM pioneer in Thailand. Consequently, we are looking for candidates who have potential to join our successful team. We are certain that we would provide excellent opportunities for career development in the search Engine Marketing business.

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