Sale and Marketing Team is responsible for company's project, “Visit First” (, which is a media containing each country's tourism information by multi languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean). Now we have Japan version, Thailand version, Shanghai version, Hong Kong version, Taiwan version and Korea version.

In Thailand, the targets of Visit First are Japanese residents and tourists. Our Sale and Marketing Team sells the advertisement space in this media to the companies in Thailand for promoting their services or products

The strengths of this project are…

  • This website is a multilingual website (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean).
  • The contents in Visit First website covers every topic regarding to each country (Japan, Thailand, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea). The topics are Accommodation, Food, Tour, Attractions, Living, Support and other Useful information.
  • Since our head office is the expert in (SEM) Search Engine Marketing, we will promote Visit First website by using our SEM techniques; both SEO, and PPC (Pay for Performance) or P4P (Pay for Performance, Pay per Click), with keywords which is related to client's business.

The benefits of this project are…

  • Thailand Tourism: Since this website's content is related to Thailand, so this website will help promote Thailand tourism among Japanese. Japanese can understand Thailand better, because we present the information in their language. So, this website can increase the possibilities of visiting Thailand.
  • Companies' Income: We sell the website space for local companies to advertise. We also conduct an online marketing to promote our clients' advertisement in our website, so the possibilities of internet user to see clients' advertisement will be higher. When the internet users see clients' advertisement, the opportunities of using or buying clients' product are higher. Hence, more income for local companies.
  • Companies' choices of advertisement: We provide an up-to-date media channel with reasonable price for clients and offer the service with best quality which we can assure that our media will be another effective choice for local companies.