SEM Team is responsible for making SEM related reports under contract from AUN Consulting, (in Tokyo) and AUN Okinawa Laboratories (in Okinawa) to support the consultants in Japan by using Excel program as BPO. Consultants will use those reports to analyze, and plan SEM strategies for client. Then, present them to clients when every process is done.

SEM Introduction
SEM(Search Engine Marketing) = SEO (Search Engine Optimization) + PPC (Pay per Click) or P4P (Pay for Performance)

  • SEO (refers to “Search Engine Optimization”)
    It’s a strategy that aims to increase the amount of access or conversion of website, by boosting up its rank on search engines. The famous Search Engines are Google and Yahoo! So, we are focusing on these two major search engines.

  • PPC(P4P) (refers to “Pay for Performance, P4P, PPC or Listing ads”)
    PPC is a search-related advertising system which enables users to post the advertisements on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) effectively within the budget they have. The cost will depend on both its position on the SERP and the numbers of time that the website was clicked. In Japan, Overture supplies P4P advertisement system for Yahoo!, Japan, and Google has its own P4P system which is called "Google Adwords".
    Our company handles Yahoo's "Sponsored Search Advertisement" and Google's "AdWords" which cover almost all main Search Engine Result Pages.